Frequently Asked Questions

Does acupuncture hurt?

The sensations that patients experience during acupuncture range from nothing at all to a brief localized ache or heaviness. Some points are more sensitive than others. By and large patients describe the initial sensations as fleeting and the long term sensations as deeply relaxing. After the needles are inserted, most patients fall asleep during the session and report a sense of renewal and ease at the conclusion of a treatment.

Are the needles safe?

Yes. Sterile disposable needles are used. They are used once and then disposed of immediately. Strict adherence to Clean Needle Technique is observed.

Do I have to be ill to benefit from acupuncture?

Absolutely, not. Acupuncture is also a powerful preventive measure to keep patients healthy throughout the year. Just as you would have your car tuned up before problems occur, you can benefit from periodic acupuncture treatments.

How do I get the most out of each treatment?

Please make sure you have eaten something nourishing about one hour before the visit and please refrain from having any coffee or other caffeinated drinks for at least one hour before your visit. It is best to refrain from intense physical activity before or immediately after your scheduled treatment.

Before you begin treatment, you may want to note when your symptoms are better and when they are worse and report your observations during your intake interview. For example, if you are coming because you have pain in a specific area, it is helpful to note if your pain is better or worse after exercise or application of heat or cold. Once treatments begin, any observations you may have about changes you have noticed since your last treatment are very important and will be discussed.

How frequently do I need to come to benefit from treatment?

Of course, the actual recommended frequency of treatments varies with each individual and condition. Typically, following the initial consultation, you will be seen in weekly one-hour sessions for 6-8 visits. During this time, significant signs of progress will likely appear.

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